Easy DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Halloween is my favorite Holiday of the year! There is no pressure, just a lot of FUN (and excuses to eat extremely large amounts of candy). I have a room in my house that I like to make as creepy as possible– the more hairy spiders, the better!

It’s just unfortunate that Halloween decorations are so darn expensive when you can easily make a lot of them from cheap materials you probably already have at home…. hence, DIY TRASH BAG SPIDERWEBS! They really do look pretty cool in a window, especially with a few little creepy spiders crawling on them.
Easy DIY Trashbag Spiderweb Tutorial -- Fun video and lots of step-by-step photos! Perfect for Halloween.

Easy DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Easy & cheap Halloween decoration! DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs Full Instructions >>> http://www.fastforwardfun.com/easy-diy-trash-bag-spiderwebs/

Posted by Fast Forward Fun on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Supplies for DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs.Because you will get two spiderwebs out of a single trash bag, you will only need 1 or 2 trash bags for this project. I recommend bags that are thin with a grainy texture if possible because the glossy bags tend to slide around a lot when you’re trying to cut them.

DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs-- These look awesome in a window! So easy and cheap. (video tutorial) | Fast Forward Fun

  • 1. Trim the edges off of the sides and bottom of your trash bag so that you have 2 rectangles (keep them together so that you can cut both at once).
  • 2. Fold them into a triangle, and cut off the excess so that you have a perfect square.
  • 3. Fold into a smaller triangle, and then again into another smaller triangle.
  • 4. Now, fold once more to make a cone shape (you will have excess trash bag on the bottom).
  • 5. Tape the side of the bag that is open with tape that is easy to remove (I used painter’s tape) so that it will be easier to cut.
  • 6. Cut the excess plastic off of the bottom of your “cone” in a curved shape that resembles the outer edges of the spider web.
  • 7. Use a permanent marker (gold works well) to draw the pattern shown below. You’re basically drawing long thick rectangles, only slightly curved to match the shape of the half-moon at the bottom.
  • 8. Cut out your markings, and then remove the tape.
  • 9. Unfold the bags and pull them apart, revealing 2 trash bag spider webs. Hang them on the wall or in front of a window with clear tape.

    Close-up pattern for DIY trashbag spiderwebs.A Few Tips

  • Use thin, textured bags to make the cutting process easier.
  • Make a few different sizes, and connect them together on the wall or over a window with scrap strips of bag for a more realistic look.
  • Make a couple of spiders with felt or card stock to place on the webs.
  • Don’t drink too much wine while you’re making these or you’ll screw it up.
  • DIY Halloween decor using trashbags! So easy and cheap. (fun video tutorial and step-by-step photos). Fast Forward Fun



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