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  • Bacon & Sausage Breakfast Roll

    Bacon & Sausage Breakfast Roll

    If you’re a meat lover, you’re going to LOVE this recipe! Even my daughter who tends to shy away from sausage ate an entire piece. The best thingĀ about this recipeĀ is that it is a lot of FUN! It certainly isn’t the usual boring bowl of cereal or eggs with toast, so if you’re up for…

  • Cheesy Egg Toast

    Cheesy Egg Toast

    I discovered cheesy egg toast just a few months ago (Yes, 34 long years without this incredibly easy way of putting bread, cheese and eggs together!), and it’s now my family’s favorite new breakfast. It’s also an awesome after-school snack, lunch, or even dinner on lazy nights. The best thing about this recipe is that…