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  • Monte Cristo Roll-Ups

    Monte Cristo Roll-Ups

    It really doesn’t get any easier than these Monte Cristo Roll-ups! If you like a little bit of sweet, with a little bit of salty, and a whole lot of yum, then I’d suggest that you make these ASAP. There’s no frying required, just a few minutes in the oven, and the ingredients are quick […]

  • 3 Fun & Easy Ways To Cut A Cucumber

    3 Fun & Easy Ways To Cut A Cucumber

    Who knew cucumbers could be so much fun!? They’re actually quite the versatile veggie, making snacks and appetizers more appealing even for the little ones. With just a few cuts of the knife (and a few other tricks up our sleeve), you can make cucumbers your new favorite snack. Best of all, these decorative cucumber cutting tricks are […]

  • Frito Taco Pie With A Crescent Dough Crust

    Frito Taco Pie With A Crescent Dough Crust

    This unique twist on tacos is not only pretty, but the crescent dough crust on this taco pie gives it an amazing and unexpected flavor. The crust adds a sweet and buttery gusto that makes it one of my family’s favorite dishes! The great thing about this easy recipe is that you can really customize it to […]

  • Easy Nutella Pastry Pockets

    Easy Nutella Pastry Pockets

    It seems as though Nutella became popular over night, and was suddenly introduced into every recipe imaginable– cookies, rice krispie treats, brownies, french toast, bread, cake, frosting, etc.!! Well, if you have ever tried the stuff, you know why. It’s GOOD. Real GOOD. I would like to pretend that I’ve never eaten Nutella out of […]

  • The Easiest Way To Cut A Bell Pepper

    The Easiest Way To Cut A Bell Pepper

    The easiest and fastest way to cut a bell pepper into strips! It’s sad to think of all the bell peppers I’ve mutilated, only to realize I’ve been cutting them wrong my entire life. Because bell peppers can be a little tricky, we’ve created a short and fun video tutorial (and step-by-step photos) to show you how […]

  • Mini Banana Cream Pie Cookie Cups

    Mini Banana Cream Pie Cookie Cups

    You heard it right– Banana cream pie…. COOKIE CUPS! A genius and delicious way to make banana cream pie a finger food. These little guys are perfect for parties, and because they’re so tiny, you can have just one without all of the guilt. And, there are so many possibilities here! How about chocolate cream pie […]